say 'thank you' in style this christmas

If you're looking for a unique way of saying 'thanks' to clients or staff in the run up to the festive season, a custom-made, ethical gift box from Gladys Mack could be just the ticket. 

Gladys Mack is a gift box company with a difference. Sourcing products from like-minded makers, and utilising organic, handmade and natural products, these are gift boxes a step beyond the corporate norm that can be tailored to perfectly represent your and your business’s values - and Access1st users can secure a 15% discount on all purchases.

Gmack Xmas.jpgAnna Heyligers founded Gladys Mack in 2016. Coming from a corporate environment herself, Anna was struck by how often she'd receive well-intentioned but soulless corporate gifts, which neither reflected the values and characteristics of the sender, nor her own outlook or personality as a recipient.

"It is always nice to receive a thank you gift, but personalising the experience really helps enhance relationships and create memories that people will respond to," said Anna.

"Every business is unique, and your relationship with clients, prospects and colleagues are equally unique. So when you show your appreciation of, or interest in, someone in a way that is meaningful to them and reflective of your company ethos it can send a very powerful message.

"Certainly there's a lot higher chance they will answer your next phone call or, better still, they’ll call you!"


Access1st users can receive a 15% discount on all of Gladys Mack’s range of products, simply by using a special code when purchasing online. Access the code and shop online here.

The 15% discount also applies to custom gift boxes. To discuss your individual needs, call Anna Heyligers on 1300 977 386.


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