Rental Protect Plus policy benefits

Tick Rent Default & Theft by Tenant

tickContents & Additional Benefits

tickLegal Liability

Features, benefits & policy limits*
Default of payment by tenant Rent covered up to 15 weeks Accidental loss or damage Included
Departure of tenant without notice Rent covered up to 15 weeks Malicious acts by tenants Included
Death of a sole tenant Rent covered up to 15 weeks Deliberate acts by tenants Included
Tenant hardship Rent covered up to 15 weeks Damage due to defined events** Included
Theft by tenant Included Legal liability $20 million
Removal of rubbish / gardening $2000 / $500 Replacement locks $1000
Legal costs $5000 Tax audit costs $1000
Excess – Rent default Nil Excess – All other claims $500











*Cover is subject to the Policy terms and conditions. Sub limits may apply.

**Includes events such as fire, storm, impact damage, burglary & theft, water damage. Full list of defined events included in policy document