Into the breach

Trust and data regulate the new norm.

The erosion of public trust in government, media and corporate institutions, and the flow-on impact on insurance premiums, is the focus of Gallagher's Q2-18 Market Overview Report, entitled Into the Breach.

To access the report, simply complete the form on this page. You will receive a link to view an interactive digital publication, which is optimised for mobile devices. There is also the option to download an abridged PDF of the report.


What is the meaning of trust?

Key insights from the Gallagher report include:

  • Boardroom trust issues, shareholder class actions and the impact on D&O insurance cover
  • Insurer pushback on 'dirty energy' projects; renewable energy insurance options increasing
  • Australian businesses increase cyber security spend as data breach reporting laws kick in
  • University insurance challenges as legal claims from failed international students emerges as a key risk
  • Critical gap between data and medical science in managing sports concussion injuries
  • How political risk insurance and country risk reports are adding certainty to cross-border investments

Into the breach also highlights how Australia has transitioned into a low-trust environment, citing the Royal Commission, ‘fake news’, high-profile sporting scandals and the #metoo movement as factors contributing to eroding levels of consumer confidence in national institutions.