ACCESS1st adds leading cyber security firm to provider network

Access1st has partnered with leading IT cyber security advisory company SECMON1 to offer our association partners and their members a range of free and discounted cyber security and insider risk advisory services.

With the cyber threat rapidly evolving, it's never been more important for business owners to make sure their cyber security processes are keeping pace. SECMON1's range of services for Access1st users includes:-

  • Free cyber risk seminars and security guides
  • Dedicated online portal for Access1st users
  • Cyber risk alerts service
  • Insider risk reviews
  • Cyber risk reviews
  • Cyber security services
  • Monitoring & detection
  • Data analytics
  • Investigations
  • Data discovery

3.jpgSECMON1 Director Christopher McNaughton said: "Cyber security doesn’t have to be complicated. Taking a few small steps can help make a big difference in preventing cyber breaches. For example, up to 85% of ransomware attacks could be avoided through regular patching.

"This is the sort of advice and assistance we hope to share with associations and small business owners, because the cyber risks they face are very real and they are growing. No business, regardless of its size, can now afford to ignore cyber security threats."

Full details of SECMON1's free and discounted advisory services are available beyond Access1st users' association or client log-in.

SECMON1 becomes Access1st's 20th provider partner. Find out about our full provider network here.

You can read more about protecting your business from ransomware threats here.

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