5 ways access1st can help associations connect with, attract and retain members

The whole aim of Access1st is to help associations connect with, attract and retain members. In fact it's our mission statement. It sounds simple, but we do get asked how our offering helps associations actually achieve that. So here we offer five ways that Access1st can help associations do just that.

1. Raising your visibility with members and prospects

The way members consume information has changed rapidly in recent years, so finding ways to engage them with association activities, successes and events on their terms is a vital component of successful member engagement - and of catching the eye of prospective members.

A well-designed website, strong social media presence, content marketing strategy and video content are all increasingly important vehicles for raising your visibility with members and prospects. Initiatives such as mentoring can also be extremely effective at boosting professionalism and forging lasting bonds between members.

How we can help: We have providers who can help associations achieve all of the above. Webfirm is our web development and digital marketing partners; association specialists Mahlab is our content partner; Shootsta is our video partner; and Art of Mentoring provides association mentoring programs. All are offering our association partners excellent deals and opportunities to enhance their online presence, tell compelling stories, prove value and stay in line of sight.

2. Helping you help them

The vast majority of our association partner members are small business owners, who face the usual array of challenges regarding balancing the books and providing great service to their clients. They have to wear many hats, but there are always going to be times when they confront issues beyond their experience or expertise. And that's where Access1st can be a huge help, and provide great peace of mind.

How we can help: We offer associations and members free ad hoc legal advice through Sparke Helmore Lawyers; a free HR audit and additional discounted services are available through our HR and business consultancy partner Businessary; thirdegreeº offers a free brand audit and discounted graphic design services; and Gallagher can provide a free insurance health check to make sure businesses have the right level of cover for the unique risks they face.

3. Helping members' dollars go further

Regardless of size, business owners share some common needs in order to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly. Office supplies, energy costs, business attire, even roadside assistance are all standard requirements - and can have a significant impact on a business's bottom line.

How we can help: Our provider network has all these bases covered, with special deals galore available on a range of business essentials. Officeworks has set up an exclusive pricing plan for Access1st members; energy broker Make it Cheaper offers a free, quick and easy bill comparison service to ensure business owners find the most competitive pricing plan; renowned tailor TM Lewin is offering discounts on its range of men's and ladies' business wear; and 365 Roadside Assistance is offering great savings on its standard and premium packages.

Of course, any of these offers can also be taken up by associations themselves!

 4. Helping association events sizzle

Bringing your entire community together at association events is a fundamental part of connecting with existing members and attracting new ones - and the revenue they generate is, in many instances, a key factor in remaining financially viable. It's therefore crucial to ensure your events go with a bang!

Great speakers, great prizes and an interactive event app are part and parcel of an event that engages attendees and remains memorable long after the gala dinner.

How we can help: We partner with leading event app supplier ShowGizmo to offer discounts on their product range; ethical gift box provider Gladys Mack is offering sensational deals for associations on prizes for events and conferences; while through Access1st's entire provider network we have many subject matter experts who may be able to fill speaking slots at events and seminars. It's worth asking us in any case!

Of course this is only useful if you have people turning up. That's where Optimum Contact can help, with their range of member engagement telemarketing services including event promotion.

 5. Looking after your members' health

While it may not actually be part of an association's remit to look after the health and wellbeing of members, it's a bonus to be able to provide support in that area. And Access1st can help achieve that too!

How we can help: Through Bupa, we offer an Access1st specific health plan at discounted rates; you can also make your association office Heart Safe - and potentially life-saving - through a state-of-the-art defibrillator from GoldMed Engineering. Looking ahead, we're also looking to confirm a first aid training partner imminently, as well as special rates on gym membership. All available through Access1st.

So there we have it: 5 ways how Access1st's provider network can assist associations in connecting with, attracting and retaining members. We're also happy to work with our association partners to introduce providers they think would be especially relevant to their members' needs.


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