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The Perfect Storm

Colliding market forces or black clouds with silver linings?

There is plenty to suggest that Australia's insurance market is hardening. But what does this mean for mid-market and corporate enterprises?

Gallagher's Q3-Q4 Insurance Market Overview Report aims to provide clarity around that vital question while examining what impact colliding market forces will have on business operations, risk management and insurance programs.Digital Mockup_Q317.jpg

In the report we cover:-

  • How legislative changes will impact workplace risk
  • Navigating the compliance minefield in the marine and logistics sector
  • The factors driving insolvency risk across Australia
  • How a hardening market can disrupt the insurance claims process
  • The widening gap between the cost of insurance cover and insurance claims in the oil and gas sector
  • And more...

Access the interactive Insurance Market Overview Report

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The web publication features additional content and interactive elements including video and a cyber risk infographic, cataloging some of the year's major cyber security breaches and the financial and reputational damage caused.


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